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Longzhiyi Speak with strength

The company was established in 2005. After more than ten years of development, the existing senior R&D team has an independent laboratory and can develop customized high-end special cables according to customer requirements.

The standard workshop of over 10,000 square meters, with advanced production equipment, standardized operations, and senior engineering and technical management personnel, can easily meet mass production and high-end customization.

A one-stop high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service. Customized production according to customer needs. Customized products can be produced in 24 hours as soon as possible. Customized wire and cable can be delivered in three days. Wire harness and finished products The fastest 7 days to complete production, professional technical operators to ensure quality and shorten production cycle.

Production workshop
Own raw material factory: Hongye Plastic Technology

The company's Dongguan Hongye Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces environmentally friendly PVC rubber particles, suitable for wire and cable, plugs, toys and various blow molding, extrusion, injection molding products. The products have passed UL certification, SGS environmental testing, and national standard CCC testing. And many other certifications.

Hongye Plastics introduces the latest production equipment and high-tech talents, and can independently develop and produce according to customer requirements: high temperature resistance, wear resistance, cold resistance, water and oil resistance, high flame retardancy, acid and alkali resistance, seawater resistance and other special requirements of modified materials .

Products are certified by multiple authorities

The company has passed the international ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and the products have won "American UL Certification", "European CE Certification", "China CCC Certification" and "China CCC Plug Certification".

Strictly pass the national compulsory product certification, quality management system certification, adopt international standard product mark certificate, etc., comprehensively monitor the production process, strictly test product quality, and continuously optimize product quality and performance.

In order to improve the quality inspection system, the company has equipped with a full range of wire and cable and plug connector inspection equipment.

Products are widely used in more than 30 fields: robot industry, automation equipment industry, CNC machine tool industry, server, sensor, logistics industry, textile equipment industry, etc.

We can design and produce low-smoke, halogen-free, oil-resistant, cold-resistant, abrasion-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant, waterproof, fireproof and other special wires and cables according to different needs of users.

Have a professional sales team

Dragon Wing products sell well all over the world, and have a group of domestic and foreign trade sales teams with more than ten years of experience.

Rich resource cooperation system, business channels all over the country, a powerful national high-quality wire and cable supplier.

With its pioneering and innovative spirit and unremitting efforts, it has won the unanimous recognition of engineering customers and the majority of machinery, electrical appliances, and equipment manufacturers in the industry.

Provide you with comprehensive after-sales service support

The products are inspected by the manufacturer to ensure that there are no quality problems for customers. Each finished product can be out of the warehouse only after it has been screened by precision inspection to further ensure product quality.

Pre-sales: rigorous connection, appoint full-time technicians to connect one-to-one, to ensure that the demand is clear and the plan is implemented.

After-sales: delivery on time, nationwide delivery, 7*24 hours QQ, telephone, WeChat and other methods, timely processing.


Give customized production plan


Provide after-sales service support

Industrial cable series
An enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and processing of finished wire and cable and plug products
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Dongguan Longzhiyi Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded in August 2005, the world-famous manufacturing city-Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, enjoys a unique regional position. The company is a national high-tech enterprise. After many years of development, the company has a senior R&D team that specializes in manufacturing wires and cables. It is a wholly-owned enterprise that.......


It has an independent plant and a large production base, with a large production scale

Have Have professional engineers and technical backbone personnel, complete production process monitoring and control system
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